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Hysteresis [CD:2018]

Idyll [Cassette: 2018]

Resurfacing [CD: 2016]

Live in Lafayette [CD: 2016]

Of Hives and Colonies/Hydrostatic [CD: 2016]

Drift (Michael Kimaid Solo Release) [Cassette: 2015]

Voyager [CD: 2015]

Lowell, MA [CD: 2015]

Electrics [CD: 2015]

Viae [CD: 2014]

Lincoln, Nebraska [CD: 2014]

Eidolon [CD: 2014]

Works and Days [CD: 2013]

Drop The Remainder [DVD: 2013]

Loss/Gain [Cassette:2012]

Any Port In A Storm [CD:2011]

Two/In [Cassette:2011]

Cuneiforms [CD:2009]

Two Face [CD/Download:2008]

[Four Plus One] [CD:2008]
[Short Form]

 The Behavior Of Waves [3"CD: 2013]

Cleveland with Tom Orange [3"CD: 2013]

All For Nothing [3"CD: 2012]

Uraga [CDEP:2012]


The Ranter [3"CD:2011]

Native [3"CD:2011]
Candid [3"CD:2010]

WKBD In Cincinnati [3"CD:2009]

Outlaws and Highwaymen [3"CD:2009]

 Milwaukee Field Recording [2009:3"CD]

 No Instruments [3"CD:2008]

Toledo 4/17/2007 [3"CD:2008]

 s/t [3x3"CDs:2007]