"Take but degree away, untune that string, and hark, what discord follows!"

- William Shakespeare, Troilus and Cressida (1602).


KBD is a trio of experimental musicians who have been playing together since 2006. Our members are Michael Kimaid -drums and electronics, Gabriel Beam- modular synthesizer and electronics, and Ryan Dohm- trumpet and electronics.

In 2007, KBD released our debut full length: [four plus one], on the Eh? Music Label.  Although Ryan Dohm moved to Los Angeles a year later, we maintained a musical relationship based on those first formative years together.  Not long after Dohm’s departure, Kimaid and Beam collaborated with Colin Helb, the result of which was a full length digital release in 2008 and a number of east coast/midwest dates through 2010. 

Afterwards, Kimaid and Beam carried on and continue to play as KBD(uo), releasing an EP called Candid on FTAM and follow up full length on Eh?, Any Port In A Storm.  KBD(uo)released a DVD entitled Drop The Remainder in 2013on the New Orleans based multimedia label The Language Foundry, and a cassette release entitled Loss/Gain on the RCN label from Akron, Ohio. In addition to self-released tour edition CDs, Michael Kimaid recorded a full length solo percussion release in 2015 for the Factotum Tapes label.  

KBD returned as a full trio in 2016 for their ten year anniversary tour.  Every year since (prior to the pandemic), KBD had embarked on summer tours, bringing new technical configurations and new music with us along the way.  Since the pandemic, KBD has resumed touring, and has a cassette release on the Eh? label planned for May 2023. In the meantime, we are archiving our entire catalog for streaming platforms, which should be available imminently.  

We're still playing.  Thanks for listening.