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Est. 2006

8/13/2021: Waves and Currents.

In 1975, the psychologist Mihaly Csíkszentmihályi applied the term "flow" to a the concept of a mental state in which a person or group of people are immersed in an activity so completely that it transforms one's sense of time and even reality. Many of Csíkszentmihályi's subjects used the metaphor of a water current carrying them along to describe their experience, as if they were being moved by a greater force.

It's always a goal when we sit down to find the current. Sometimes, waves push us away, sometimes they pull us in. When we find it, it's transformative on a technical and perceptual level; we get somewhere we haven't before and we percieve the music and its purpose a little differently. While we wish we could be back to sharing these experiences in performance settings with an audience of both new and familiar ears, this will have to suffice in the meantime. Push past the waves, and find the currents...

2/8/2021: A Collaboration.

A few weeks ago our comrade, Matt Bahnsen, asked us to collaborate with him on a track for his ever shapeshifting project, Sacred Canopy. This was a no-brainer, and we immediately set to the task. Normally, we're a one take "whatever happens, happens" organization, allowing for all the variables to manifest in ways that challenge and ultimately undo any expectations of the piece that we may have had upon setting off.

Not this time. We did take after take, trying to complement the sense of space and openness of the track. Upon finally getting a take that did justice to the concept, we passed it back to Matt, who was kind enough to post it as part of his collaborative series here.

Thanks, Matt. It was an honor.

12/18/2020: Immersion/Escape

Another post, another new track.

So much of our playing after nearly fifteen years (!) moves between the poles of tension and release. We often end where we wish we had started, because it’s at the conclusion that we find balance and focus through the catharsis of playing. To start off a piece like this is difficult; the energy of the day and/or the week needs an outlet, and our instruments are such effective tools of liberation. It’s exhilarating to make sound, but to quiet ourselves is sometimes the better option, as difficult as it might be. This way, when it comes time to fill out the spaces in between the sounds, there’s a purpose to everything that happens.

9/25/2020: Alloys No. 6 [Metallurgy].

We've uploaded a new 30+ minute track from a particularly satisfying attic session last night. While our get togethers have been irregular since March (as with everything else, for that matter), we were happy with the playback and thought it worth sharing.

The session was all flow; we fell right into sonic conversation almost as if we were in the middle of a tour. From there, as is usual, things progress, regress, and digress before coming to a conclusion. The dynamics are particularly pronounced, and the course of sonic events unfolds pretty naturally.

In the absence of shows at present, click this link, sit down in front of your system, turn it up, and take a ride.

8/10/2020: Pandemic Overhaul.

Seeing as to how we aren't going on tour any time soon, it seemed a good time to get this site updated. Honestly, there were no plans to do this, but a notice from Google that our comfortable old site design was getting kicked to the curb in November prompted a revision. So, here it is. Essentially the same, but different.

We'll make some changes, adjustments, and improvements as we figure out the new options, but in the meantime this is a pretty good representation of our past and present. We're still at it, playing when the need to push sound through air overtakes our fear of the plague, and we look forward to a return to regularity, the road, seeing old friends and making new ones along the way.

In the meantime, stay healthy and look after each other. Thanks for stopping by.